Write for Us

Matter Thoughts magazine is seeking insightful, thought-provoking articles for its upcoming digital issue. In an age of 24/7 political scandal and a fake news, we are looking for fresh voices that promote reason, compassion, and empathetic political and cultural conversations.

This issue’s theme is horizons. What world do you see on the horizon? We encourage you to tap into the perspectives, experiences, and passions that endow you with a unique vision of the future. We welcome writers from every background and field of study.

Submission guidelines:

#1: We accept essays and articles (max. 1,700 words), poetry, short stories, photography, and art.

#2: Make sure to include a short bio with any relevant links to your website and/or social media, and a photo of yourself.

#3: Please email submissions to: contact@matterthoughts.com by March 9th.

Submissions will be featured in the Spring ’18 issue. We look forward to reading your work!