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01.01 HORIZONS, Matter Thoughts

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We are delighted to present the inaugural issue of Matter Thoughts. The theme of this volume, “horizons,” explores the perils and possibilities of the present and near future. Through poetry and essays, the featured authors apply concern, vision, and creativity to our rapidly changing world, delivering perspectives that are both personal and local, and broad and universal.

From ecocriticism by Justine Bethel that blurs the lines between verse and prose, to exquisite and surreal poetry by Athol Williams, to insightful essays on looming issues in education and water in Pakistan and India, we are proud of the diversity of topics our writers have brought us, and the thoughtfulness with which they are written.

We are also excited to feature cover art by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, from their Visions of the Future series. They provide a graceful face for our first issue: our front cover features The Grand Tour, a delightful image in anticipation of our future space-faring identity, while our back cover, Earth: Your Oasis in Space, considers the love of home and the earth that is essential to the works contained in this issue. Finally, we would like to thank our authors for their submissions and helping us produce a first issue of which we can be proud.

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

—Karina (Roché) Mathew and Eshaan Mathew | Co-founders and editors



Welcome to Matter Thoughts, an online magazine and blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of science, technology, and the humanities through philosophy, reason, and empathy. Here we resurrect the beauty of the past and engage in the wonder of the future. We seek writers to help us capture and consider the thoughts that matter most to us–and inspire you to discover your own.


Eshaan Mathew

Eshaan is a public policy researcher dedicated to the sustainable and responsible implementation of contemporary technologies in developing countries. He obtained his M.S. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and has been published in multiple academic journals. You can follow Eshaan on Linked In.

Karina Mathew

Karina is writer of speculative fiction and Ph.D. student in early modern science literature at Harvard University. You can find her published work in the UCLA Journal of Religion, Medium, and follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn.




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