Ode to My Commute

-Chase Maser

Every morning, I pack my things and ride

down the hill to the path by the river.

The wind-chill makes me shiver from inside

my blue jacket, and I halfway cover

both hands in my pockets, watching the sun

light the backs of crows perched on the railing.

I see their chests breathing with the cycle

of my pedals—circulating as one

being; eyes pierced from the cold, reflecting

twilight’s frigid aspect, recognizing

the parallel air surrounding us all.


My expeditions have become a kind

greeting to share with others passing by

who nod with acceptance as our paths find

each other along the route, and so I

always smile back, reminding myself

that everyone has their obligations.

Everyone is trying to discover

new ways of connecting inner beliefs

with the hope of removing poor actions

from the past; beginning a clear presence

bursting at a pace that surges faster.


Even in the rain, I still smile at crows

enduring the cold morning air at dawn

alongside the steep banks sitting in rows

of black. Every now and then I will yawn

out a cloud that disappears to the sky

up above, matching the colors drifting

beyond, but still I focus on the beat

circulating my pulse, trying to dry

both hands in my pockets while pedaling

along in my soaked blue jacket, feeling

like the river does where the ocean meets.


Chase Maser is a poet and freelance writer based in Los Angeles, CA. He received his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from UCLA in 2017, and he is currently the co-founder of a literary nonprofit called Philosopher’s Stone Poetry Co.

This article was featured in Matter Thoughts Issue 1 – Horizons